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Welcome to September. I’m back from my annual break. This year was epic, it was finally the holiday Sarah and I have been looking for. It ticked every box. I managed to get plenty of training in as well as getting to see some lovely parts of Spain and also Gibraltar. Now I’m back it becomes a very hectic few months leading up to Christmas with my focus now mainly on achieving my 18 in 2018 challenge (I will be posting a more detailed update regarding the challenge, in this coming weekends race preview).

However, I’ve tweaked a few things, as the holiday has given me a chance to reflect on things. I’ve removed a lot of noise on all my social media, just like I had already done on my Garmin. So if I’ve followed/unliked you etc it isn’t anything personal but I’m keeping my social media to either people I know and talk to on a regular basis or know offline or it’s a band, product, film I like etc. I’ve also re-activated my Strava as I found a few things I wanted wasn’t on my Garmin connect account. However, just like my Garmin I won’t be following anyone as they are both a way of recording my own data and allowing me to analysis my runs etc. So again if I don’t follow you it’s nothing personal but I’m trying to cut down on the social media distractions, negativity and noise.

You will notice I’m no longer an ambassador for Awesome Virtual Running Events. I felt I’ve changed a lot as a runner/person and how I view things was no longer the same views that the brand shared. So I made the option to step down and leave on good terms. I still love their medals and feel Tony and the gang have a excellent brand but it’s targeting a completely different type of runner. I’m still sponsored by Sockmine, Naked Runner Elite Eyewear and Sweet Peaks. Again I personally wear and use all 3 brands on a daily basis and happily promote British brands that offer an excellent product.

The blog has gone black, white and grey with an updated logo and badge. I’ve updated social media as well. I prefer stuff in black and white rather then colour. I just need to update the gallery page. All my weekly motivation and throwback images will also be changing. Kit wise, I’m officially with Barnsley, I will wear their vest for most races with the following exceptions,.for my challenge races it will alternate between the official NSPCC and Children’s Hospital vests. (Unless I ever get the opportunity to wear England or British kit).

I think thats it, any questions ask below or on social media.

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