Bakewell parkrun #2

3rd place at my first parkrun of 2018

2018 has not started how I would have liked. I went into the new year carrying what I thought was a niggle but it’s turned into something a bit worse and it has meant that I’ve not been able to train properly since before Christmas. Originally I had planned on doing the re-arranged Telford 10k on the 7th then I was to follow that with the NMAC half marathon this coming Sunday but both races have been scrapped. I managed to see a physio Friday and after working on my lower back and glute areas I left pain free. I felt I had finally turned a corner but me being me, decided to run before I could walk, literally.

parkrunI decided to do the second ever Bakewell parkrun and despite my wife (who is ALWAYS right) saying just get round, I couldn’t help myself and did my usual method of giving it 110% from start to finish. Bakewell is a new course, after the launch got put back to last weekend, I was eager to try the new one. It’s actually at Hassop station and very much like the Trans Pennine Trail near me, the entire parkrun is on a disused railway line. The route is out and back. What you don’t realise is it’s all up hill till the turn around point.

After paying to park (£1.40 and make sure you have change, as shop/cafe will not change notes unless you purchase something), my daughter made use of the play area and I did a warm up. I felt ok and had no pain. I bumped into good friends the Brooms, who have clocked up over 500 parkruns between them. I had a good chat with them. After a good run briefing, we made our way to the start line. 3-2-1 and I was off and soon found myself in 3rd place. I found it hard to relax as all the time I was expecting pain. It meant I wasn’t running naturally, maybe running a fast parkrun straight after an injury wasn’t a good idea but when have I ever listened to my wife?

The front two opened up a gap but I still kept within 10m of them right up till the turn round point. The route seemed to go on forever. I set off well but I could tell I lacked fitness as I found the pace tough even though it was slower then what I run 10k at but I just focused on keeping touch with the leaders. I hit the first mile in 5:41 (according to Strava on a flat route it was 5:32/mi) but I was now running on my own as the leaders were too far away to pace off them and no one was behind me. So I found it hard to sustain a fast pace. The turn around point was a welcomed breather.

As I turned I could see I had a massive gap over 4th place but I was blowing out my arse now and had nothing left, in what should be a negative split 5k. Second mile was 6:05 as I managed to pick it up a little and as I passed runners coming other way, it gave me a bit of a lift and managed to scrape a sub 6 3rd mile and gave it a bit of a kick over the final 0.11 to the finish. I had nothing left though and that shows how easy it is to lose that little bit of top end fitness.

The good thing is I know a good 2-4 weeks of training and I can be back to 17:xx at 5k and come April I should be aiming for a PB. The course is a good one and I think it could become my regular parkrun. I felt a little sore afterwards, I talked to a few fellow park runners as I cheered in other finishes including the Brooms and I should have stretched but instead was straight back in the car. Yesterday I felt sore but really wanted to run with my training buddies at Rother Valley. However I struggled for first mile and it was pure stubbornness (idiocy) that managed to get me through 8 miles, with last 2 both being 6:20. Looking back it was bloody stupid of me, to not only do a parkrun hard but to then do a tough 8 miles yesterday. This morning I’m in a worse shape then before Friday.

So it’s back to square one and another trip to the physio on Wednesday, this time no running till I can walk without pain. If it means missing a few weeks then so be it, but long term can get rest of year done then I will have to be patient but as my wife will tell you, I’m the worse person to be around when I can’t run.


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