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Autumn/Winter 2017 Plans

The summer has now officially ended, so has my track season. I will bring you up to speed with my final summer training blog within the next week. I had planned on finishing my track season with the Leeds mile with aim to officially get that sub 5 mile but a bad cold KO’d last week, so I took most of last week off and then started my autumn/winter training yesterday. Although not 100% yet I’m on the mend. After what turned out to be a highly successful summer, personal best at 800m in 4 consecutive races, finishing my season ranked 5th in Yorkshire in my age group. At 1500m I ran 3 consecutive personal bests, ranking me 3rd in Yorkshire. At 3000m I was frustrated for a large period as could not get close to my indoor PB but after linking up with Jamie, I ran an outdoor PB and then followed that up with a sub 9:50. It would have been good to have another crack at 5000m but ran out of time but will be looking at knocking a massive chunk off that next season.

Now my attention switches back to the road, where I’ve had a bit of a roller coaster over the years in terms of chasing PB’s. It didn’t help that I suffered my first real plateau in running combined with over training and taking longer to recover from the marathon. The year had started well with a big PB at half marathon and a storming time at 30k, then looking back I peaked early so when it got round to my marathon my body was burnt out, hence why my 10k times at that time were poor and my marathons were shit! It then took till back end of June to get any where near my 5k times. Even then I’ve still not gone sub 17:30 and as Jamie has said I should be recording times a lot faster than that. Same goes for 10k. It’s highly frustrating that I’ve only gone sub 36 once. Yet my shorter times point to quicker times. I’m hoping my track racing will transfer over to the road over next few months.

So road I have just 3 road races currently in my dairy:

  • Green Drive 5 22/10
  • Abbey Dash 5/11
  • Telford 10k 10/12

Depending on how things go, maybe doing the Podium 5k on 18/11. The Green Drive 5 will be a PB attempt then I have two high quality 10ks to attempt to run sub 36. If I can do that I can go into winter with goals for 2018 for both road and track. Sandwiched in between these races will be my first full season of cross country running. I’ve kept saying for a few years that I would be doing it but the SY league is on a Sunday and the venues are not very appealing, so opted to run in the high quality Manchester Area League starting on the 14th October. I’ve joined Manchester Harriers as second claim just so I can run in this league, as worked out cheaper then running as a guest.

The dates in my dairy for these are:

  • Race #1 Heaton Park  14/10
  • Race #2 Boggart Hole Clough 11/11
  • Race #3 Manchester University 2/12
  • Race #4 Woodbank Park 13/1
  • Race #5 Wythenshawe Park 10/2

On top of those 5 races, I will also have the Yorkshire Champs, Northern Champs, NMAC Champs and depending on logistics the National Champs on the following dates:


  • Yorkshire Champs 6/1
  • Northern Champs 27/1
  • NMAC Champs 11/2
  • National Champs 24/2

So there are plenty of things to keep me occupied over the coming months. I’m hoping to stay injury and illness free and work on smashing those times. I aim to have a break from racing between Telford and the Yorkshires (nearly 4 weeks) where I can get a real good period of training in ready for 2018!

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