I am known as the Mohican Runner due to my hair style. I’m a runner, LEGO master builder & a coffee lover. In running I race over various distances ranging from 800m up to marathons. I’m a multiple race winner, having won my first race in November 2015. I am also a multiple masters gold medalist, having become a masters athlete in January 2017 and I’ve gone on to win on the track, road and cross country.

I’m a former submariner in the Royal Navy Submariner.

I’m currently sponsored/ambassador for the following companies; Sockmine, ND:R Elite Sports Sunglasses and Sweet Peaks Sports Nutrition.

My running career began in September 2012 when I did my local 10km race, ‘The Great Yorkshire Run’, as a way to continue my weight loss journey. I decided to do this race after losing 4 stone between April and August of 2012. My weight loss began when my then 3 year old daughter Molly mentioned I looked fat during Christmas Day 2011 and I decided to do something about it. I topped the scales at 20st 8lb. I set myself a goal to lose 4 stone before the family holiday in August. After doing the race and breaking my personal target of under 60 minutes, I became hooked.

Over the next two years I did loads of races over varying distances and terrain. I also did two charity challenges for the NSPCC raising over £2,000 for each challenge. The first one was called 13 in 2013 and it consisted of me racing 13 races over 10km and setting a personal best at each race. The following year I followed it up with 13 in Thirteen the sequel. This challenge consisted of 13 x HM over 13 months. Also during 2014. I create a Childilne LEGO stop motion video and also for the first time told my story in full to a support worker. The NSPCC used this story under an alias for a campaign. That campaign brought in over £1.3 million pounds for the charity.

By 2015 I had started to become a decent club runner, with my speed improving all the time. I also did the London marathon and it was a real baptism of fire. However, in the back end of the year I decided to try a 3rd charity challenge but for the local Children’s Hospital but racing every week took it’s toll and meant the challenge was ended early. It still raised over £1,000 for them. 2016 was a roller coaster year, breaking my personal bests at both 10km and half marathon before breaking my ribs during the summer. Then the year finished with a host of race wins. The following year I attempted a marathon again but a DNF, followed by another hell of a race meant it was still a distance that got the better of me. Having spent the summer racing track, the year ended with one strong performance at my preferred distance 10km.

2018 started with my first long term injury, keeping me out of action till April. The year then continued on a negative when my daughter spent a large chunk of the spring in hospital due to a heart condition. It meant my attempt at a 4th challenge called 18 in 2018 was doomed. Despite several attempts through late spring into early autumn to get the challenge going by September it meant racing every weekend till 2019 it was at this point, I made the decision to stop and take a break from racing for the rest of 2018, build a strong winter base and start again in 2019.

Over the years I’ve raced for multiple clubs based in South Yorkshire and also Manchester, I’ve had some good experiences and some not so good. I’ve been in one club or another since Feb 2013 and always felt being a good runner meant being part of a club. However I’ve never fitted in, as I’ve grown older my personal views conflict those in clubs. When I pressed the reset button I decided if I was to race again it would be unaffiliated.

Away from running, I work for LEGO and my current job title is LEGO Master Builder and my role is to build large display models for events, clients etc. In the past I’ve worked in the web section, planning and also designing aspects of the company. It’s a job that allows me to train when I need to and also allows me to work from home rather then being based over in Billund or in London. My other major passion is coffee and for those who follow me on social media will see me constantly posting coffee photos.

The new website was launched at the start of October, along with resetting of all my social media accounts. Having made the decision not to race and take a break, I felt it was the right time to have a complete reset. So going forward all records and personal bests etc are from October 2018 on wards.