18 in 2018 challenge relaunch

Challenge relaunch press release

As regular readers/supporters will be aware I revealed my latest challenge back in January. The first two races ended up being called off due to the bad weather and then I had to postpone the challenge due to my daughter being taken seriously ill. My daughter is now back at home and slowly on the road to recovery, we as a family are still learning what our new normal is.

I can happily reveal the challenge is back on and will start on the 15th of April at the Derby 10k. The challenge is called 18 in 2018. Similar to my challenges back in 2013 and 2014, the challenge will continue throughout the entire year, finishing on Boxing Day (weather permitting). The challenge will consist of 18 races over 2018. 12 will be 10km races and 6 will be half marathon races. Originally I was going to set myself time goals for all the 10ks and all the half marathons but with what has happened the aim is to complete them all as fast as possible, get season bests and try and break both my 10km and half marathon PB’s. For the record every one I never hold back at races and will be giving it 110% and aiming to be fast as possible so I’m hoping for 18 seriously fast times over the year.

es within a 12 month period is going to be a tough ask. You’ve only got to hit bad weather, illness etc and it’s game over. For the record every one I do I will be aiming to run as fast as possible so I’m hoping for 18 seriously fast times over the The reason I came up with this challenge and previous challenges is I had always wanted to give back to the charities that helped me when I was a child but have also helped my daughter. Firstly the NSPCC, I used their Childline number on numerous occasions due to bullying at school and physical/mental abuse at home, they were there when I had suicidal thoughts as a teenager and if it wasn’t for the people at the other end of the line listening and offering me support and advice things could have been a lot different. I came out of that dark period a different person and used what happened to me as a child, to spur me on and become a better person. By doing this challenge I want to help others and let them know there is help out there and things can get better, by raising money and awareness of what the charity does.

The other charity I am raising money for is The Children’s Hospital Charity. This is for two reasons, the first being I was treated for a multitude of injuries and trauma throughout an abusive childhood, during which the hospital staff became like family. One Christmas, one of the nurses at the children’s hospital in Sheffield saw that I didn’t have any presents, so she bought me a LEGO pirate set with a ship, a pirate and a palm tree. I built it on my hospital bed and that’s what got me into LEGO. She didn’t have to do that but it made my world and now I play with LEGO for a living. I never had a chance to really say thank you. The second reason is my daughter has just spend two weeks in and out of the children’s hospital as she became very poorly, very quickly. The staff were once again amazing and after numerous tests we found out she has a condition called NEAD Non Epileptic Attack Disorder, which causes left side paralysis, she suffers facial seizures and blackouts! Now we have a diagnosis she can begin the recovery process but there is no magic wand to make this go away quickly.

So 9 of the races will be for the NSPCC and 9 will be for The Children’s Hospital Charity. I will alternate between the two charities.

You can read why I support these charities below and also more on my amazing journey via these articles & features.

As of 1st Jan 2018 the current running totals raised are as follows;

A massive thank you needs to go to Dransfield Properties and Fox Valley, who are supporting me for this challenge and have helped to cover race fee’s and my running shoes for the duration of the challenge. Also they will be helping me publicity and fundraising wise. Without their support this challenge would not be possible. A massive thanks goes to Amanda and everyone from both Dransfield’s and Fox Valley. Another thank you needs to go to Sweet Peaks who are donating 10% of any sales using the code MOHICAN10 and to Elite Signs for providing the challenge banner.

So here is the provisional races for 2018 (subject to change)

10k Races

  • Great Manchester Run 20/5
  • Run for All Hull 10k – 10/6
  • Alderley Edge 10k – 1/7
  • Run for All Leeds 10k – 8/7
  • Run for All York 10k – 5/8
  • Trafford 10k – 2/9
  • Run for All Sheffield 10km – 23/9
  • McCain Yorkshire Coast 10k – 21/10
  • Leeds Abbey Dash Run 10k – 4/11
  • Cheshire 10k – 10/11
  • Wilmslow 10k – 25/11
  • Boxing 10k – 26/12
HM Races

  • North Lincs HM 6/5
  • Freckleton HM 17/6
  • Great North Run  – 9/9
  • Manchester HM – 14/10
  • Rother Valley Running Festival HM – 18/11
  • Nottingham Xmas HM – 2/12

** The figure last time I asked stood at £1,318,846, however I do not have the exact figure.

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  1. Hi, your charity funding is amazing! Massive kudos to you! I’m sure I’ve seen you running down tpt previously, can you tell me about the 1.3million with the double star? It sounds really interesting and great work! Thank you

    1. The charity used my childhood story (linked in above article for a campaign back in 2014. This included, social media, TV, radio, newspapers etc. The response was massive and helped to raise the total of £1,318,846, however I do not have the exact figure.

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