18 in 2018 Challenge July Update

Going to be a busy autumn

The challenge is 3 races old with 15 still to go. Technically I should have been halfway through now but as we now know the challenge didn’t start till May, this has already been documented on several occasions so not going to repeat myself. It has meant though finding alternative races. Thankfully having done previous challenges, I’ve learnt to leave dates free for alternative races.

I’ve now pretty much found replacements for all the races, it will still be 12 x 10km races and 6 x HM. I also have most of July/August free. So I’m hoping that one weekend will be nice and cool, if it is I will do a last minute 10k. I’m supposed to be doing Leeds this Sunday. However I’ve been asked to be on standby to run the inter-areas on the same day. Now the inter-areas is a yearly event where all the masters areas compete in a track and field competition. It is done on selection. So to be in with a chance of competing is not one I want to miss and good thing is, the forecast is for seriously hot weather. So missing Leeds isn’t the end of the world as I have said I have plenty of back up dates/races.

Below is the current list of challenge races, to repeat I do have dates free in July/August. So if I have opportunity to do a 10k then I will and drop one from the back end of the year.

  • North Lincs HM – 6/5 – 84:24
  • Great Manchester Run – 20/5 – 36:47
  • Run for All Hull 10k – 10/6 – 35:50
  • Run for All York 10k – 5/8
  • Wetherby 10k – 2/9
  • Vale of York HM – 9/9
  • Spen Greenway 10k – 16/9
  • Run for All Sheffield 10k – 23/9
  • Bridlington HM – 7/10
  • Manchester HM – 14/10
  • Holmfirth 10k – 21/10
  • Leeds Abbey Dash Run 10k – 4/11
  • Cheshire 10k – 10/11
  • Rother Valley Running Festival HM – 18/11
  • Wilmslow 10k – 25/11
  • Nottingham Xmas HM – 2/12
  • Boxing 10k – 26/12
  • Ribble Valley 10k – 30/12

Fundraising is going well, I’ve hit my target for the NSPCC and only 25% to go for the Children’s Hospital. This challenge 9 of the races will be for the NSPCC and 9 will be for The Children’s Hospital Charity.

A massive thank you needs to go to Dransfield Properties and Fox Valley, who are supporting me for this challenge and have helped to cover race fee’s and my running shoes for the duration of the challenge. Also they will be helping me publicity and fundraising wise. Without their support this challenge would not be possible. A massive thanks goes to Amanda and everyone from both Dransfield’s and Fox Valley. Another thank you needs to go to Sweet Peaks who are donating 10% of any sales using the code MOHICAN10 and to Elite Signs for providing the challenge banner.

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